Sausage in Batter, Chips & Curry Sauce

Following on from our recent Chinese Fakeaway, I’m doing a fake Chinese chip-shop dish of ours: battered sausage, chips & curry sauce.

Clearly from the chippy this dis isn’t very good for you, with everything battered and deep fried and so on, so I need to make a lot of changes.

First the battered sausages. I’m using vegan sausages, coating them in a mix of panko & crunchy nut cornflakes, then baking.

For the chips, I’m doing baked potato wedges.

Then the curry sauce, I made a veg base of onion, tomatoes and potatoes, added some beef stock with Chinese curry power, then used the hand blender to make into a thick sauce without having to add lots of thickening agent.


Putting that all together we get something approximating our chip shop favourite, but for well under half the calories!


Yeah not bad for not bad!

Not as spicy as I wanted, so… pretty much like the local chip shop!

(OK clearly not as good as his curry sauce of course… his is proper good, and proper full of any calories he needs to make it that good!)



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