Chicken Jalfrezi Pie with Lime Pickle Pastry

Her the good raver not indoors was all-day raving yesterday! I played a lot of The Outer Worlds… with beer. So we’re both in need of a hearty dinner today.

And what better than pie and chips? Curry pie and curry potatoes of course! So good thing I’d planned this Jalfrezi Pie for today’s dinner! Plus I pre-made the pie mix yesterday!


On and that container of similarly coloured stuff? That’s egg white mixed with crushed lime pickle for glazing the pastry! Why egg white? I made more pumpkin pies, so have lots of egg whites left over. Enough for this glaze plus Tuesday egg fried rice dinner!


Pie and potatoes ready for the oven. Meanwhile we’ll snack on popadoms…


Yes that’s some Doritos dip… stop judging me!


Judge this instead. Yata!


Yeah that was damned tasty. Totally worth all those calories!


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