H/Not Sauce Fish Tacos

The other weekend on Twitter someone pointed out you can get advent calendars that have hot sauces behind every door! So of course we now have one…


Now much as we love hot sauce, we’re not going to have it every day during advent, so we’re getting a head start today by having fish tacos to put the first sauces on.

The fish tacos themselves are nearly entirely a freezer creation: WW wraps, pollock fillets, sweetcorn & peppers. Just need some onion and spices adding.

Then I got a fancy on for some friend plantain, so I bought a couple of those from the local shop to add to the mix.


So lots of veg to go with it.


Fish will get seasoned and baked.


And here we go!!!


Serving time!


And you know what? We didn’t’ have any hot sauce! FECK!


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