Avocado on Bagel Toast

So I was planning to do these baked veggie fritters for brunch, with an avocado fake-guacamole dip for a topping.

It all sounded so easy: grate veggies, mix with spices & flour, bake, eat. Then when I re-read the recipe I realised there’s a cheese cloth draining step, which I don’t have the energy for this morning. So I just shoved the avocado dip I’d already made on top of a toasted wholemeal bagel, hoping that would give me the energy.

Then Soph got back from a long run and did the same, with an added bacon medallion. And there’s not much dip left. So sod it: I’ll have another bagel for brunch and head out for a bike ride with my energy instead of messing around draining potatoes and courgettes in cheese cloth!


2 thoughts on “Avocado on Bagel Toast

  1. Once again I couldn’t use the ‘comment’ feature.

    I think you’re wise – go on the cycle ride and forget messing about with vegetables.

    It looked a very healthy meal though.

    Love mum xxx

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