Use The Fruit Pie

Due to the Low Cal Apple Pie I made last weekend, I didn’t eat the strawberries I bought this week. Plus there are now more apples, and more blackberries. And I didn’t even think about the rhubarb…

So I’m using up everything I’ve got!


Now that’s going to take more than the flat lowcal pie to fit all that. So I’m going to borrow from the lovely French Apple Pie recipe. But… I need to use the Lo-Dough, and I have creme fraiche to use up. So… I’ve sort of smashed the two recipes together and hoped for the best…

So Lo-Dough with apples…


Not enough apples…


Then batter of creme fraisch, eggs, sugar, flour, but no oil (half fat creme fraiche has some fat, right?).


Bake for an hour… not quite done… so use that as an excuse to pop some demerara sugar on it.


Yeah that looks done now!

img_20190802_173033.jpgAdd low-cal ice cream, and eats!

img_20190802_195744Huh – despite messing around with cake recipes it worked! Yay me!

One thought on “Use The Fruit Pie

  1. Your French apple pie looked absolutely delicious – could have eaten it right now. I couldn’t get the ‘comment’ option to work.

    Love mum xxx

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