Tzatziki Fish Tacos

Greek tacos!?


Yeah it’s a bit odd. But it’s under a month until our Greek summer holiday, so we’re getting in the mood. But there’s not point doing something that’ll be much better once we get there, so this recipe I stumbled across seems perfect.

Tzatziki is made as per the recipe, but without the dill, as Soph doesn’t get on with that. Plus extra garlic, as we both agree tzatziki needs more than a single bloody clove between us!

The recipe calls for tomatoes and shredded cabbage, but I’ve still got some of that avocado mix left… so I just added everything to that.


Then prep the fish and seasoned flour/eggs/panko breadcrumbs.


Tortillas and baking tray ready.


So with everything prepped, things just get baked. Then we eat!

img_20190804_192338Yes… waaaaay too much food. But all very tasty!

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