BBQ Pizza – RTFM

I had one of those mornings where, after a few beers the night before, I woke up to find I’d ordered some stuff from my Amazon wishlist…

So this weekend I find myself with a pizza oven conversion kit for my BBQ, along with some wood to burn in it.


According to the instructions I want to have some charcoal under the stone, but most of the charcoal, plus the wood (which is where the extra heat comes from) around the back in a ‘C’ shape. With the bottom vents slightly open, and top vent closed, this ‘C’ shape should heat the stone and waft very hot air over the top of the pizza. This, in theory, should give proper pizza-cooking temperatures of 350C!

So… chimney the charcoal.


Prepare the wood in a ‘C’ shape.


Hmm is it hot enough? Top temp says no heat… front heat say YES!


In goes the pizza. On parchment paper… yeah that got burnt up pretty quickly – oops.


2 mins, then turn, and….




You know the marketing bumf about making sure you use approved PizzaKettle pizza stones otherwise they’ll break? LOL marketing…



We’re going hungry tonight…

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