Slow Easter Lamb Shanks

It’s Easter, and we’re going traditional with a lamb dinner (and huge chocolate eggs, of course!).

We’ve got a couple of lamb shanks we’re going to slow cook all day using this recipe. This will go with boulangere potatoes, roast carrots and asparagus, plus a gravy made from the lamb cooking sauce.

So at 9am we start by browning off the lamb shanks.

img_20200412_092917Then the same pan gets used to make the sauce, starting with onions.

img_20200412_094911Once browned flour and tomato puree go in.


Then in with red wine.


Then lamb stock.


Finally thyme, bay, garlic, parsley stalks in to add flavour.


Then everything goes in the slow cook for 8 hours, turning the lamb half way through.


So potatoes get Mandelorianed (why has nobody else made this pun!?) and layered with cooked onions, and go into a hot oven for an hour. After which of course they’re still not cooked. So 30mins more and then finally ready.


I’d like to claim the pic is done to show the stock sauce… but really I forgot to take pictures once it once eating time! Which is why the main picture of dinner looks like this…


At least it shows how tender and fally-aparty the lamb is!

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