Potato Stockpiling

I haven’t been deliberately stockpiling potatoes, but with the current issues with food deliveries, I’ve been ordering stuff expecting a lot of it not to turn up. Which has been happening: just not with potatoes…


But I’m not just going to let them all go bad: I’m going to make brunches and freezer stock out of them.

First up, freezer hash browns. Bake potatoes, peel (after baking? we’ll see about that), grate, freeze for later use. Probably in some sort of unhealthy breakfast ;)

So take off eyes, give them a wash, and ready to bake!


While they’re baking, time to make some potato cake mix for the fridge, AKA Irish potato farls. Took some time tracking down a recipe for plain potato cakes: they all wanted to be all showy-offy: but I just want plain, I can add my own toppings! Thankfully the good essential worker her indoors was on hand with her Irish heritage to provide me with the term ‘farl’ to find this recipe.

So, boil lots of potatoes for mash…


Add flour and butter…


And shove in fridge.


Hopefully I’ll remember to update this post when I actually fry them up and add toppings! Or maybe a new post for all the things you can do with them: plain butter, jam, poached eggs…

Back to the hash brown, potatoes baked. Not soft and fluffy ready for eating, but mostly cooked, ready for grating, because they’ll get re-heated at a later date.


Turns out they didn’t need peeling, thankfully! So skins on grated, extra vitamins, and less effort – yay!


So after much, much grating… and a little seasoning, we’ve got a tray of hash browns ready for the freezer for future use.


So that’s all for future use. Why aren’t we using them now, you ask? Nothing to do with the sourdough hot cross blob buns I made for Easter, or the banana & apple bread Soph made to use up some old fruit.


Not anything to do with the batch of locally brewed beer that just turned up…


Update: I tried making potato cakes for lunch.


I just had butter on mine.


Soph is going for eggs with hers, which might be a beter plan, as whie butter was delicious they didn’t really hold together well, so I war tearing of bits, and even considered getting a spoon to eat mine with!

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