Moroccan Filo Pie

We saw this on Bake Off, and it looked delicious, and Paul Hollywood has his recipe up for it. However they had to make their own weird “filo-like” pastry: sod that! We’re using bought filo.

The recipe was kinda annoying, as the making of the pastry kept getting in the way, including making me scroll up and down from ingredients to the method.

Anyway, it wasn’t that complicated (as I didn’t have to make my own filo!).

Start with butternut squash and sweet potatoes in ras el hanout spice, seasoning, plus olive oil, and bake for 20mins.


While that’s cooking I prep chicken and onions and spices and things. I should have been cooking it while the squash was in the oven, but it took me ages to prep (as always) so as you can see by the time I’m starting the chicken, the squash is already cooked…


Then in with onions and garlic.


Then a bunch of Moroccan-y spices, which should have included harissa paste, but somehow we’re out of it! So I had to improvise and add tomato puree and some chilli flakes.


Then more Moroccan style ingredients: chickpeas, dried dates and dried apricots, plus pomegranate molasses.


Then a little chicken stock to make a sauce.


While that simmers down, I prep a load of coriander and parsley and a lemon.


And finally everything gets mixed together to make the filling.


Then it’s just layering a roasting pan with filo / oil spray layers.


Adding the filling.


Folding over, and topping with some final scrunched up filo for a top.


Bake for 35mins, and voila!


And then I stuffed it in my face before taking a picture of it on the plate. Which is a shame, as it looked pretty good and flaky. However, it smelled too good, and we just dug in, and it tastes great too!


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