Quick Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice. I looked at a couple of recipes, one BBC Good Food, the other a Grauniad Cook The Perfect, and it quickly gets very complicated making your own authentic paste.

Thankfully, as I mentioned in my previous post about Beef Rendang, there’s a pot of nasi goreng in the fridge, along with the leftover rice from that dish in the fridge ready to go.

So now we’ve got something that I can easily make while work does pilates via Zoom in the living room! Stars with chopping up whatever veg is left in the fridge after the weekend, plus some shallots I actually bought for this dish.


Bung that in a pan and fry it off.


Once cooked add the paste, tasting first to check how how it is. Whoa… very hot. Guess that’s what the word on the pot before “nasi goreng” mean! So I added just a couple of teaspoons and added some tomato paste.


Stir that in and fry it off…


Then I made some space in the middle of the pan to cook whisked eggs in.


Once the egg starts to set, I throw in the rice and mix in.


Stir around a bit while the rice heats up, throw in some coriander and lime juice at the end.


And that’s it – ready to eat!


And it was really good! I’m glad to report I got the amounts right with the amount of paste: nice and spicy, but not burning hot.


Oh yeah, then xmas cake for pudding.

Well if we don’t eat it soon, where are we going to store the Easter Simnel cake?

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