Beef Rendang

Going through the fridge I discovered we had a rendang curry paste that I don’t remember buying. Well, great excuse to make beef rendang!

I couldn’t get lemongrass, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, but everything else was easy enough to get. And as we find lemongrass overpowering, that’s not really an issue for us.

So start with some extra veg, as we need to use it up.


Once they’re softened, the paste goes in.


While that’s cooking down I need to toast off some desiccated coconut. Which I was sure we had… turns out no: we have coconut flakes. Well they’ll have to do!


I tried crushing them up with pestle and mortar, but that didn’t work, so I ended up using the spice grinder.


Once the paste is cooked into the veg, the beef needs adding (before I forget about it!).


Time for the sauce: coconut milk & stock.


Recipe calls for kaffir lime leaves and curry leaves. To avoid having to try finding them after cooking, I’m using this little tea ball to keep them isolated.


That then cooks slowly for hours and hours, with the ground coconut & lime juice going in about 30mins before eating, about when I put the rice on.


Finally after all the waiting, it’s time to eat!


Mmm! Absolutely delicious!

Plus there’s rice left over for another pot of paste I found in the fridge: nasi goreng :)

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