FIGS! Figs as far as the eye can see…

A few years ago we decided to get a fig tree for the front garden. According to various websites they make pretty trees of limited size if you put them in a trough. So we did.


Nice eh? Looks lovely in the front garden. Now these same website also pointed out you shouldn’t expect any actual figs from them. Maybe you get lucky and get a couple to taste after a few years, but it’s not a way to get enough figs for a pie in any given year.


First couple of years, no figs. Last year, a couple of figs. This year… FIGS FIGS FIGS FIGS FIGS!!!!

We are having fig & goats cheese pizzas once a week, we did fig & blue cheese quiche last weekend (not good, blue cheese too strong, walnuts out of date and bitter…) we gave away a shopping bag full of figs to Soph’s work this week, and even before this week’s pizza we need to use up more!

So I’m doing a feta, walnut & fig pair of quiches this weekend just to try and keep on top of things, roughly based on this Lo Dough recipe.


So yeah… quite a few figs, given we harvested figs twice already this week. So time to get some Lo Dough bases going.


And let’s find some basic ingredients.


And yeah eggs, creme fraiche, walnuts, feta, figs, seasoning, etc…


So… waaaaaay to much filling for the trays. Spillage was cleared up.


And bake for… 35-40mins at 160C? Yeah see above meme. Well over an hour later and we have…


Now we just need to find when to eat them. We already had all weekend meals planned… probably going to be work lunches.

Let’s just assume it tastes good… ;)

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