Quorn Corn Chowder

When we got back from holiday the corn in the garden was waiting for us, but most of the cobs weren’t in a usable condition for just eating the corn off them, so I sought out some recipes to use them up, and also weren’t too unhealthy as we’ve both put on a few kilos over the holiday!

So I found this Cook’s Country recipe for chicken & corn chowder. Now it doesn’t use much corn, but that’s fine, I’m just going to use up whatever I get off the eight or so cobs we’ve got left. I’m also making some other modifications: replacing the bacon and chicken with their Quorn equivalents. Still using chicken stock, so it’s not actually gone veggy. Also replacing the double cream with half-fat crème fraîche, to try and keep the calories down.

I start by baking the Quorn chicken.


Then start to prep the various veg.


The veg gets added in the order you’d expect: ‘bacon’, onion, thyme, seasoning, chillies, garlic, stock, carrots, potatoes, and that bubbles away until the ‘chicken’ is done.


Then the corn gets cut off the cobs; I think this is the first time I’ve done this, and it’s harder than it looks when America’s Test Kitchen do it.


That goes in for a simmer, then it comes off the heat to add coriander, lime juice and the crème fraîche.


That’s now going to sit on the stove while we go and watch IT pt2 at the cinema, which is three hours long! So when we get back at around 9pm we just have to heat it up and we ave ourselves a late dinner.

And… I forgot to take pictures of the chowder in bowls before nomming it. Well it was the same chowder, but in bowls…

Very tasty it was too. And on reflection, most of the ingredients are stock stuff we have lying around at home, so this make a good emergency meal in the future.


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