Lower Calorie Katsu Curry

We love Katsu curry, but it’s not the healthiest meal: fried chicken, rice, and a flour-thickened curry sauce, devoid of any vegetables.

So I decided to take a lesson from the Lower Calorie Chowder I’ve made before, and use a whizzed-up base of vegetables to make a thick sauce, and oven bake the breaded chicken breasts.

So I started with potatoes and leaks, and added some carrots that were hiding in the bottom of the fridge, and a couple of chilles, and mirowaved them all to soften them. Then mixed in chicken stock, Japanese curry cubes, mirin rice wine, soy sauce.


I then whizzed this up with a hand blender and left on a low heat to thicken.


And… left it on way longer than I meant to: I forgot to turn it off after I thought it was ready, and Soph only noticed it was still on an hour later!

For the chicken, I startd by removing excess fat, and then butterflying the rather large chicken breasts to make them thinner and quicker to cook. Flour, egg, then panko breadcrumbs, and then repeat for a double coating, and in the oven at 200C fan for about 25 minutes and they were done.

Rise was just sticky sushi rice, with extra made to be used in the week for a quicker mid-week meal.

Unfortunately I’m still getting back into this blogging of my cooking, and I forgot to take pictures of the chicken or the final meal – doh!



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