Low-Cal Fish Chowder

I’m pretty sure that this fish chowder was the first dinner I cooked when I got back into cooking. Unlike proper  chowders that are full of cream to create the thick soup base, this uses veg to create the thickness. Onions, celery and potatoes are blended down to create the thick soup, then more of the same added to create the main dish, plus fish of course!

Today I’m doing my original recipe, but adding some bits we’ve got lying around. For starters, a 2-for-1 on bacon medallions means excess bacon (yay!) plus the new freezer means we now have frozen corn, which has to be a winner for chowder!

So the basic recipe is here on gDocs. The changes are: fry up bacon first, then use the juices to cook the onions, et al. Add more potatoes than it says (due t size of potatoes). Then a handful of frozen corn gets added with the fish.

So start by making the base.


Then use the blender to make it a thick base.

IMG_1542Then bung in carrots, more potatoes, more celery, simmer away until cooked (we’re doing it much longer than the recipe specifies). Add fish and corn, and minutes later it’s ready to eat with the bread from yesterday.


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