Coronation Chicken Sandwiches

I’ve been meaning to do coronation chicken for a while, but the sultanas always put me off. Then Soph suggested using dried apricots and flaked almonds instead, which is a great idea, so that’ what I’m doing.

I’m being very lazy about this, using bought cooked chicken, and this ‘instant’ recipe from BBC Good Food.

IMG_20160507_081318It doesn’t have the bright yellow colour I associate with coronation chicken, but it does taste good! Maybe some turmeric next time.

Less lazy for the bread though, which is my sourdough loaf.


Then spinach leaves are added to form the sandwich.


Mmm that’s delicious. The dried apricots and almonds work much better than sultanas! Maybe a bit more curry powder next time (I only used 1tsp), and of turmeric for extra colour.

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