Veal Escalopes

January. Diet time. But that doesn’t mean the weekend can’t have something heatlhy and tasty. So I’m doing veal escalopes based on this BBC Good Food Recipe.

So it’s veal, bashed into an even layer, with sourdough breadcrumbs, lemon zest, parmesan, chopped pine nuts, and seasoning; ready to go with eggs, cream, lemons and wine ready to join in.


Potatoes need boiling, sauerkraut  needs heating up, pans needs bacon cooking in to give us fat…


And here are the four strips of bacon after cooking down and chopping.


What do you mean that’s not four strips of bacon? Are you suggesting that I took a break from cooking, during which time a cat ate most of the bacon? Yeah… that might hav happened.

Anyway… veal gets coated and cooks.


The bigger bit of veal kinda fell apart. So we’ll each be having half of the nice piece that stayed together, plus an assortment of scraps!

Once the veal is cooked it comes out and I made a pan sauce with the onions, what’s left of the bacon, wine and cream. Meanwhile Soph fried up the greens.


The it’s time to plate up.


All very nice, if not the most traditionally presented escalope!

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