Mushroom Risotto

Soph does a risotto as a midweek meal. For me… I’ve never done it and it’s all a bit scary. So today I confronted my fears: mushroom risotto from BBC Good Food.

Being me, it’s not a 30 minute thing like Soph does. I go all mise en place:


Then dried mushroom stock gets heated, and onion/garlic mix gets fried.


Liquid, sitr, liquid, stir…


And it ends up sort of looking like risotto.


But it’s not until the butter, Parmesan (and parsley) go in that it gets the proper texture.


Then it’s just onto the plate for eating!


And… it’s a risotto! Pretty tasty too, but I’m most happy that I know know hot to make risotto, which is clearly a useful skill as it can me made with whatever you’ve got lying around the cupboards and fridge.

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