Mini Sourdough Stollen

The final Sourdough Surprises is Christmas breads. We’ve already got a plethora of Christmas goodies, and I’ve done this previous Christmases, so I’m just going to go for a mini sourdough stollen. Not the great send off Sourdough Surprises deserves, but it’s what we’ll be able to get through before the all-too-soon return to work and new year calorie restrictions…

After refreshing my starter all day, I mix up the other ingredients (flours, salt, eggs, milk, pistachios, cranberries & various xmassy spices) and leave to hydrate for a bit.


Then the starter gets kneaded in.


After rising, with attempts at stretching and folding, it’s into the fridge to proof overnight.


Next morning I struggle with the leftover scraps of marzipan form the the xmas cakes.


Then roll up and glaze.


That goes in the oven at max, covered in the baking dome, for 30 minutes.


Once cooled it gets covered in icing (powdered) sugar.


Xmas morning… and it’s time to have stollen for breakfast!



And with that… Sourdough Surprises comes to an end. A huge thanks to everyone involved, it’s been so much fun, and I’ve learnt so much about sourdough. Thankfully the archives are still on the blog, so I’ll be able to go back and try the challenges from before I joined.



Check out the final ever sourdough surprises from the rest of the gang.

2 thoughts on “Mini Sourdough Stollen

  1. I went the mini route as well, but with Babka! I wanted to participate but couldn’t take too much more indulgence. Your stollen looks very tasty.


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