Christmas Goose

Like many listeners to the Archer’s, this year we’ll be having goose for our xmas dinner. Locally sourced, of course, from The Butchery, where we also got some prune & black pudding stuffing,

The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, starting with boiling the goose two days before cooking. But boiling a goose in a stock pot, with half of it sticking out, then flipping it? Yeah, no: we’re going to do the duck thing and pour boiling water over the skin.


The xmas eve and it’s time to make a stock that will be used for the gravy. LEt’s get mise en place.


Goose fat, offal, veg…


Red wine, chicken stock, bay, parsley, peppercorns…


That simmers for two hours, then cools and goes in the fridge overnight, without being strained.

Next day, it’s goose time! Stuffed and stuck with toothpicks, and seasoned.


Then various stuff happened… bread sauce, stock reheated, potatoes boiled for mash, potatoes roasted in goose fat, parsnips in maple and goose fat… etc etc


Hours late the goose is cooked.


Potatoes are super-crispy!


Time to eat! With beer from the local brewery of course :)


Full now.



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