Veal Saltimbocca

This recipe is actually for pork, but it does note that it’s traditionally done with veal, and as British pink veal is ethical and cheap, I’m going with the traditional version. I’m doing it with dolphin-nose potatoes and green beans.

My main worry doing this was timing everything to be ready at the same time. However it turned out my main issue was reading the recipe, so instead of a sage leaf I used a bay leaf… which isn’t edible.


So the veal gets topped with prosciutto, and the… err… bay leaf. Then pounded under plastic wrap to stick the layers together, which I wasn’t convinced had worked.

However once in the pan things seemed to stay together very well.


While the pork rested I made a pan sauce, then it was time to check the potatoes.


Amazingly everything was ready at the same time, so I plated up.


I wouldn’t get very good marks for presentation on MasterChef… but I think they’d have appreciated the taste! The veal was really tasty, probably due to prosciutto and the pan sauce, and the potatoes were properly cooked through and nice and garlicky.


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