Sourdoughnuts & Gulab Jamun

It’s the penultimate Sourdough surprises, and while doughnuts have been done before it was before I joined the group.

I’m following the recipe that worked for everyone when they did doughnuts before. And it all begins with some refreshed sourdough starter.


Then throw in all the other ingredients.


And make into a dough. Easy.


After chilling for a couple of hours in the fridge it’s time to press/roll out and cut out doughnuts and holes.


Time to fry! Apparently the best temperature is 175C so we tried to stick to this.


After the holes it’s actual doughnut time.


After cooking it’s into sugar, then into our mouths!


And the doughnut holes?


These are being saved for the next day, when we’re having curry for dinner. Then we’ll transform them into an Indian dessert called Gulab Jamun, which basically just means making a spicy cardamom syrup to pour over them.


Wow – they survived really well in the fridge! And the spicy syrup is delicious. A perfect way to use up holes!

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