Smoked Mackerel Pie

Why are all fish pies the ones with potato toppings? Don’t get me wrong – I like me a fish pie with potato on top. But why the lack of pastry pies?

So I finally managed to find one at the Graudian.

It starts wth smoked mackerel, creme fraiche, parsley and seasoning.


This goes onto some homemade puff pastry.


Then topped, scored, egg-washed etc…


While it cooks, veg gets cooked.


It wasn’t looking good for the first 20 minutes of baking, but it puffed up nicely in the end.


Now… according to the recipe this ‘serves two generously’. Normally this would mean that for us, it would be about the right serving size. But we had a quarter each and neither of us has space for pudding!


Of course… for us large portions on a weekend are great. But of course this was also delicious!

But… despite lots of mustard… it was lacking heat. We should have gone with our instincts and added some horseradish.


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