Raspberry Tray Bake

Despite giving away bags of raspberries, our freezer is still full of them, and there’s no space for anything else. This is a great excuse to bake with them!

Today it’s going to be an almond & coconut tray bake from BBC Good Food.

It starts as you’d expect with self-raising flour, butter and sugar in the food processor.


Some of this mix is reserved for the topping, getting some dessicated coconut added to it, while the rest has eggs added.


Then the mix goes into the tray.


The eggs hadn’t really mixed properly: some parts were really doughy, some a bit crumbly. But any more processing and it would have all been way too glutenous, so probably should be mixed in by hand.

Anyway, then as many frozen raspberries as I can on top.


Then the topping.


Now in theory this bakes for 45 minutes before getting topped with extra raspberries and baked for 15 minutes more. But as I’ve already got raspberries showing I just topping with flaked almonds, dessicated coconut & demerara sugar, and bunged in a 160C fan oven for an hour.


Hmm it looks a little liquid. It might be more of a bowl dessert, rather than slices. We’ll see once it’s cooled.


Turns out they do hold up as bars! Well at least the ones at the edge do…

Any sogginess aside,  it tastes great!

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