Treacle Apple Tart

We still have an excess of apples, plus we’ve got ourselves an excess of eggs… so an apple tart seems like a good plan. We don’t have an excess of golden syrup… but we do have lots of sourdough breadcrumbs in the freezer, so it’s a good excuse to make a treacle apple tart.

I’m not using bought pastry as the recipe suggests, even if I do have issues with shortcrust pastry. After rolling it out and putting it in a pie dish it gets ready for blind baking.


While it blind bakes I make the filling.


Blind baking didn’t go very well, with the sides flopping down… but at least there are no holes!


Due to the low sides the filling spilt a bit over the edge… oh well!


Then it’s into a low oven for an hour, then it cools.


Unfortunately after it cooled and I cut into it… it was still liquidy and not set :( So it’s back into the oven…


So after double the baking time… it’s actually ready to eat! By the time it had cooled I was playing computer games, hence the beer fridge and empty cans in the background of the picture!


Mmm this is really good. The apple and lemon does indeed cut through the sweetness of the treacle. Not that I have a problem with treacle tart… it’s just that this way I think I’ll be able to eat more of it before getting sweeted out!



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