Apple Pie

Using up apple is a great excuse to make all sorts of desserts. This time it’s apple pie. I’m going with an American filling from Cook’s Illustrated, but sticking with European pastry from Leith’s Baking Bible: shortcrust for the base, rough puff for the top.

Last time I made this I made two mistakes: following Leith’s amount for the shortcrust base, as it’s for a smaller tart. I did the same this time… And too many apples due to American pies being the size of Wales/football pitch/Texas – this one I remembered!

So… the base was thin, but I sort of lined it with cutoffs from the edges… no idea how that will work. Amount of apple was much better though.


Top on, egg wash, sugar, air holes.


Bake on pre-heated tray for 25 minutes at 200C fan, rotate, 30 minutes 180C fan.


Next time: more pastry for the base… and maybe another apply would fit in.

One thought on “Apple Pie

  1. If you know that the type of apples you’ve got squash down too much and finish up like stewed apples inside the pie, sometimes causing a soggy bottom, you could either paint the pastry base with beaten egg (before cooking obviously) or sprinkle the pastry base with semolina before putting in the apples. I used to do the latter.

    I’m off now to peel, core & cook apples for the freezer.

    love mum xxx


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