Korean Fried Chicken Burgers

Is this just an excuse to eat chicken burgers? Possibly…

But this BBC Good Food recipe does have an interesting spicy sauce, although not with the proper Korean chilli paste. We’ll be replacing that with hot pepper sauce and sugar. And it does have an interesting kimchi-style slaw, and we did manage to get a mooli (daikon) to go in it.

I make the sourdough rolls first thing this morning. Clearly I was still half asleep as I managed to bake them upside-down with the sesame seeds on the bottom – DOH!


Sticky sauce: sugar, soy, ginger garlic… etc


Slaw a la kimchi.


Chicken thighs with seasoning, ginger and loads of cornflour.


Chicken gets fried.


Chicken gets served!


Ohhh nice! Not sure how Korean it is… but it’s very nice!

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