Avocado Pasta

This avocado pasta recipe caught my eye as a nice simple brunch. So today I’m adapting it based on what happened to be in the fridge at the time!

The avocado sauce is pretty much the same: avocado, olive oil, lime juice, parsley (as for some reason we had that in the fridge but not coriander!), garlic (many more cloves than recommended), plus seasoning. Oh and a chilli, because we always have those in the fridge!


With that done I use up the last of the garden cucumbers and some random tomatoes for a simple salad.


Then everything cooks at once, in a nightmare of timings… Bacon, onions and pine nuts in one pan, pasta in another, and a frying pan of water ready for poaching eggs.


When the pasta is cooked it goes in with bacon mix, while eggs poach.


To be honest the timings weren’t as bad as I had expected, and things came together pretty easily.


This works really well. It feels like a proper pasta sauce… but it’s just avocado! Pretty healthy too, apart form the streaky bacon…

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