Bacon Tomato Basil Breakfast Pasta

After having discovered that pasta for breakfast is a thing, I’ve been on the lookup for more, and here’s one where I get to use my cast iron skillet!

Oh wait. It calls for a 6-inch cast iron pan. I don’t have one of those… yet. Also I don’t have any fresh tomatoes. So it’s going to be inspired by that recipe, more than following it.


I’ll fry up some streaky bacon, then remove.


Then fry up onions, and add basil, chilli & garlic and season.


Then in with canned tomatoes and pasta until the pasta is done. I had to add some water, and red wine vinegar, during cooking as it was drying out. More tomatoes needed maybe?


Then back in with bacon, eggs on top, then parmesan, then lid on to cook the eggs.


Mmm the chilli gave it a nice kick. A nice enough breakfast, nothing special, and I’m not sure cooking the pasta in the tomatoes adds much to the flavour.


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