Moldovan Plachyndy

I don’t even know how to pronounce this dish, but it’s a nice looking stuffed flatbread and comes served with tomatoes and feta.

Given it’s a bread I will, of course, be adding some sourdough starter. As I’m already using my wheat starter for a basic loaf this weekend, I’m going to use my rye starter, and let the bread rise and proof, unlike the original recipe that uses baking powder.


The filling is eggs with sorrel, dill and parsley. Soph doesn’t like dill or parsley, and I couldn’t get sorrel. So I’m going with spring onion, garlic, chives and some chard from the garden.


And here’s a picture of them folded over, before they started leaking…


As well as the tomatoes and feta I’m going to do some courgette fritters, as we’ve got an excess of them in the fridge.


It was interesting, but the best thing were the fritters, which having had much longer in the fridge letting the flour absorb the courgette juices were much more frittery than last time which was really good.


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