Uninspired as to what treat to bake this weekend I was browsing my spreadsheet of ideas and came upon a long list of different fudges to try. Then it struck me that as I’ve never made fudge before I should probably just try making plain old fudge, and master that, before adding all sorts of weird additions.

So I’ve turned the Guadrian’s Cook the Perfect series for the basic recipe.

So sugar, syrup, cream & butter in a pan. Mmm… fattening.


Heat to melt together.


Then heat to 116C. Could have done with a bigger pan, but it was boiling potatoes at the time…


Once at 166C it’s off the heat and vanilla & salt gets stirred in, and stirred and stirred until it thickens and loses its shine.


Then into the tin, and cool for an hour.


Initial tasting of spoons and pans indicates it not only tastes like fudge, but doesn’t have that graininess you sometimes get with homemade fudge!

After an hour cooling it gets cut, then popped in the fridge to finish cooling.


Yep: it’s  fudge. And no graininess! #result :)


One thought on “Fudge

  1. I was lucky enough to sample Russell’s fudge. It was brilliant, absolutely delicious. Much better than fudge purchased in a shop. Problem is – it’s so good that I shall have to make some for myself and that won’t be good for my diet.


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