Greek Garden Starters

It’s come to our attention that our garden has produced many staple ingredients for the Greek starters we love to eat on holiday: garlic and cucumbers for tzatziki, courgettes for fried courgettes, red onions for salad. Just a shame the tomatoes aren’t quite ready.


Anyway today we’re using what we can from the garden, along with some bought bits to make up the numbers, to make ourselves a Greek feast.

Greek Salad

Soph’s the expert here, making a great vinaigrette to go with peppers, cucumbers, red onions, olives, tomatoes and of course topped with a huge wedge of feta.

Fried Courgettes

Every restaurant we go to we end up ordering these, and they’re always very different. Some are just coated in flour and fried, while some have thick batters on them.

The recipe I’m going to use is from My Greek Dish which cleverly uses the courgettes’ own water to form the batter. After salting and draining the courgettes for an hour you cover them in flour and leave for four hours in the fridge.


During this time the courgettes’ own moisture mixes with the flour to form a batter!I’ll then shallow fry them – not deep fry like the recipe does.



Following the Guardian’s Cook the Perfect recipe, definitely adding more garlic as the recipe allows! Using our unusual heritage cucumbers from the garden.






Rye Dakos Rolls

These are the rolls I made yesterday.

Dinner Time!

IMG_20150816_183036Oh yes – this is amazing. The dakos rolls are lovely and crispy – not sure if the taste is different form barley flour versions, all the garlic flavours overpower any bread flavour (good!).

The freed courgettes might look like they lack a batter, but they are lovely and crispy. Salad is of course lovely and fresh. All good stuff!



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