Pan-Fried Venison with Sloe Gin & Plum Sauce

Another excuse to use the cast iron pan, with side-benefits including using up the last of the garden plums, and trying out the garden redcurrant jelly.

The recipe is from BBC Good Food, and we were planning to do this recipe for the cabbage with garden apples and walnuts, but we thought red cabbage with everything else would be too sweet, and then the garden apples weren’t ready… so it’ll just be with regular cabbage and mash.

Firstly prep duchess potatoes.


Then mise en place:


Fru up plums with the venison steaks.


Once cooked it’s time for a pan sauce, with more plums, plus garlic and sloe gin.


Cabbage gets fried, wilted and drenched in cider vinegar. Potatoes get shoved in the oven. And we eat!


Mmmm mmMMM! Yeah this is the rich fruity taste I wanted with a nicely cooked venison steak. I’m loving this cast iron pan!


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