Rhubarb, Almond, Plum and Yogurt Cake

While Soph was trying to find a recipe for plum upside down cake she’s made before, so stumbled across this rhubarb, almond, plum and yogurt cake. With plums in season in our garden:


…and rhubarb from the garden in the freezer, we had no choice but to take the calorie hit from this amazing looking cake.

I start by making a compote form frozen garden rhubarb, frozen garden berries, fresh garden berries, sugar and lemon juice.


This gets covered in the foil and goes into a 140C fan oven for 90 minutes.

With that done, I’m off to do the gardening, as it’ll be raining tomorrow. Meanwhile Soph gets to work on the cakes. It starts of well enough, lining cake tins and putting garden plums in one.


That didn’t use many plums. Looks like more plum jam tomorrow!

Then we get to the cake batter, and it turns out to be some weird gluten free chiffon mixture… but we’re running with it.


Into the spring-form pans.



Bake at 160C fan for 45 minutes.

IMG_20150822_152702Despite being all chiffony they do the regular cool in tins for 10 minutes before removing tins and cooling fully before assembling.


Compote then Greek yogurt.


Then assemble and put compote juices over the top.


Mmm fruity, yogurty, almond cakey goodness! The cake itself is surprisingly good given it’s just almonds and egg whites without any chiffon messing around. We’ll probably use this recipe for other cakes.


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