Corned Beef Hash

A simple breakfast hash is a great way to use up the last of the garden potatoes, while also allowing me to get my new toy out again: the cast iron frying pan.

I’m following this Cook’s Country recipe, although the tinned corned beef I’m using won’t be anything like proper US-style corned beef!

So it all starts with preparing the potatoes and microwaving them so they’re mostly cooked.


Then it’s cast iron pan time, starting with bacon.


Once the bacon fat has rendered out the onions go in to soften and brown.


With onions cooked, and garlic and thyme quickly added, the potatoes, cream and hot sauce go in.


This gets packed down and turned occasionally to get some colour.


Then the corned beef gets mashed in.


Top with eggs.


And cover to cook the eggs.


Five minutes later and the eggs are done.


So it’s time to serve!


Turns out the eggs were slightly over – soft but not runny. But it was still delicious, with nice kick form the hot sauce, and lots of lovely crispy bits from the pan!

Oh yeah… the pan, now I have to work out how to clean it without using detergent!


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