Potato & Tomato Gratin

Our garden potatoes need using up. Trying to find a meal based around potatoes is hard as they’re generally just an afterthought to a meal, or recipes are about using up leftovers.

The best I’ve come up with is a potato & tomato gratin from Cook’s Country. It still feels more like a side dish, but with tomatoes, onions and olives I’ve decided to declare it a vegetarian main meal! Well except for the Gruyère cheese…

So it’s a layer thing. Tomatoes & basil.


Potatoes from the garden.


Next layer is caramelised onions.


With olives.


Then potatoes and tomatoes again.


Into a 200C regular oven (dakos in the fan oven) for an hour.


Top with cheese.


Then back in for 30 minutes.

IMG_20150815_195353 And cool before eating.


Mmm that does work as dinner! Lovely mix of salty olives and sweet tomatoes, with bulk from the potatoes.

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