Garden Rhubarb Crumble

We planted rhubarb in the garden last year, and while it grew really well we didn’t harvest any of it, as you’re not supposed to during its first year. This year no such restrictions apply, so we’re glad to see it’s ready for its first harvest!


For the recipe we’re following BBC Good Food’s recipe. First the rhubarb is simmered with sugar and port. Then it’s a a crumble topping (slightly more than the recipe suggests, as we like a thick topping), and topped with pecans, as those are the nuts we have lying around (as the walnuts were used up for an apple crumble yesterday – which was very tasty!).


45 minutes later, and we have our first garden rhubarb crumble!


It may have taken six sticks of rhubarb, which is about half the current plant, but it was worth it as it was delicious. Let’s hop it keeps producing more and more!

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