Ravioli Chilli Bolly

Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Foods did a leftover bolognese ravioli, which was a greta idea. However he’s taken the recipe of his site, so I can’t follow it or link to it.

However it was pretty simple: put leftover bolly inside pasta sheets, and serve in a marinara sauce. So I’m defrosting Soph’s chilli bolly, putting it inside pasta sheets I’ll make, and then get Soph to make her spicy marinara sauce & Sunday mushrooms (cream is involved :) to serve with it.

So it’s mostly Soph doing the work for this one… but I’m still going to blog it and take credit for it!


Getting the air out when making them is really hard. Soph was much better at it than I was – most of mine required piercing and resealing, and we were worried that the filling would escape during cooking, but we got away with it!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt was all delicious! I’m sure the cream, butter, oil, and sherry helped… but still: well worth the extra effort for a special meal on a Sunday. We’ll compensate with puttanesca during the week to offset the calories :)


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