Rye Sourdough Crispy Salt & Pepper Prawns


The latest Cook’s Illustrated (Nov/Dec 2014 p18) has a recipe for Crispy Salt & Pepper Shrimp that look amazing.

However it uses shell-on small/medium shrimp to get the crispiness, and the prawns we have in the freezer are shelled. So what I’m going to do it use rye tempura batter to get them nice and crispy. This time we’re varying it slightly to avoid wasting vodka:

  • 250ml refreshed rye starter
  • 350ml Asahi (other Japanese beers are available)
  • 60ml rice wine vinegar
  • 60ml mirin
  • 140g rye flour
  • 140g corn flour/starch

And while I’ve got the tempura out I may as well do some extra tempura veg with whatever I find in the fridge.


We’re serving with random stir-fry veg and rice.


Mmm once again the rye sourdough tempura is amazingly crispy.

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