Braiding Garlic

I didn’t think I was going to bother braiding the onions and garlic we harvested a couple of weeks ago, but then this week The Kitchn linked an article about how to do it. So out came the dried garlic.


It all looked pretty simple, but with some good tips: plan to plat about 13 bulbs together (16 worked fine for me in the last batch), larger ones at the bottom, start with a knot, then lace in alternately one then two extra ones, then tie up at the end. I did find that the recommendation to do two plats between each addition didn’t work for me, so after the initial two plat I added new ones every single full plat.


It’s not the tidiest plat ever seen, but I’m happy with it for a first attempt!

I’ll do the same with the onions later.


Apparently this isn’t my first attempt with onions!

russell on onion crop aug 1975.bmp



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