Harvest time!

Today we had the first proper harvest from our garden. It’s an amazing turn-around from where our garden used to be…

Two years ago our garden was a messy lawn that I hated mowing. Hated with a passion. Hated so much that one day when the mover blade broke for the third time in a single day, I marched off to the garden centre and bought and industrial size barrel of weed killer and poisoned the whole lawn until it looked like Pestilence himself had ridden through it.

Last year we tried out growing some courgettes, strawberries in pots and tomatoes in grow bags. Finding we quite liked it, and I didn’t mind gardening if it’s a constructive process (ie I can eat the results!), we decided to get raised beds put in, and after planting lots earlier in the year our garden now looks like this:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe’ve had some fruit, salad greens and new potatoes so far, but today was a proper harvest of garlic, onions and shallots; plus the first batch of peas and the first few French beans.


The onions, shallots & garlic will go into the shed to dry out, so expect to see those featuring in recipes in about a month’s time. The peas and beans we’ll be using in bulgar wheat salad later today.


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