Makeover Battered Sausage & Chips with Chip Shop Curry Sauce

We recently discovered that you can get chip shop curry sauce granules. This is clearly the future as while you can make it yourself at home it takes ages, and you end up with gallons of the stuff.

Obviously the best thing for chip shop curry sauce to go on is battered sausage and chips. Not the healthiest combination, so we’re doing a makeover.

It starts by using low fat sausages that at about 75kcals each are half the calories of a normal sausage, as well as much lower in fat, especially saturated. Then instead of deep frying in batter we’ll be baking in a panko and onion salad bits coating, attached with egg whites. For the chips we’ll bake potato wedges, skins on, with just a few sprays of oil and piri piri seasoning.

All this turn what from the chip shop is probably 1,500 calories into about 500 calories… well assuming you only have a couple of sausages… So nearer 700 for me :) But that’s still pretty good for a main meal!

So we do flour/egg/panko on the sausages.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe into the oven along with the wedges that have been in there for 20 minutes already. 20 minutes later we serve with mushy peas (with some cumin and red wine vinegar in) and the curry sauce.



The sausages were great: properly crispy and you’d never know they were low fat. The curry sauce was surprisingly good: not quite proper chip shop stuff, but better than we’ve managed to make ourselves. It’s not as good as proper deep fried food… but at 1/3 the calories it’s pretty damned good!

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