Oven Testing

As the audience of Strike it Lucky knew, a hotspot in your oven is not a good thing. Knowing were you hotspots are would be a useful thing, and I’ve come across this trick to find out.

So in this week’s shop there was a rather unusual item: cheap white sliced bread. I put this onto a couple of baking sheets and shoved in the over at 160c fan.


After five minutes, it wasn’t starting to brown.

IMG_20130714_123139After another five minutes, it looked the same. After 15mins it still wasn’t browning, probably not helped by me opening the door every 5 minutes… Anyway I whacked the temperature up to 180c, and after about another 15mins I finally had a result!

IMG_20130714_131418The left side is the top of the oven. I suspected that there was a hotspot at the back right of the oven, and this confirms it. However I didn’t realize that there front bottom is so cold. Useful to know!

For my personal records, here’s top.

IMG_20130714_131353And bottom.




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