Cherry Amaretti

One of the first things I baked when I got into it last year was Amaretti biscuits. Here’s the basic recipe.

Today I thought I’d do a bit of a twist on them and add glacier cherries for a Bakewell sort of feel.

I start by setting the oven to 160c fan. Then weigh out 175g of ground almonds.

IMG_20130616_135221Then sift in 225g of icing sugar.

IMG_20130616_135338These get whisked together so there’s no clumping.

IMG_20130616_135528Then into a well in the middle I add one large egg white, 3 drops (well a quick dribble) of almond extract, and two teaspoons of almond liquor (Amaretto).

IMG_20130616_140014I whisk the liquids in the centre.

IMG_20130616_140134Then mix it all in until it starts to form a dough.

IMG_20130616_140326Then form into a dough by hand.

IMG_20130616_140624This gets split into two equal parts.

IMG_20130616_140707The first part gets split into four equal parts and rolled out.

IMG_20130616_141016Each of these gets chopped into four parts, to give 16 biscuits.

IMG_20130616_141101Each of these is rolled into a ball between the palms of my hand, and placed on a silicone baking sheet on a baking tray. Then for the twist: each gets topped with half a glacier cherry.

IMG_20130616_141558For the other half of the dough I tried making ‘cherry bombs’ by wrapping a whole glacier cherry in the dough. Starting by flattening a ball and putting the cherry on it.

IMG_20130616_142048Then starting to wrap it up.

IMG_20130616_142426Then closing it up and rolling between the palms of my hands. So… two trays ready for baking!

IMG_20130616_142837After 15mins in the oven, they come out just starting to get a colour.

IMG_20130616_144545Then I slide the silicone sheets onto cooling racks.

IMG_20130616_144638After a few minutes the biscuits easily lift off and I dust them with icing sugar.

IMG_20130616_145219To be honest the ones with cherries on top looked better before being dusted, so I’d only dust the ‘cherry bombs’ in the future. Then it’s under a cloche (to avoid any interested cats having a taste) to finish cooling.

IMG_20130616_145331I’m really happy with these, a nice twist on one of my favourite bakes!

2 thoughts on “Cherry Amaretti

  1. The “bombs” must give a nice surprise when you bite into one and find a cherry inside.

    The bombs and the cherry-topped ones didn’t appear to spread out during cooking, so that’s a handy thing to know. Some biscuits spread out too much and collide with each other.


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