Sweet Potato Rye Sourdough v2

So pretty much the same as the last one, but without fennel (so it’s Soph-friendly) and with the ‘fun stuff’ mixed in, so it’s not burnt on top!

So the basic ingredients were:

  • starter
  • extra flour (mix of rye, wholemeal & spelt, as the wholemeal ran out)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon (up form one last time)
  • chopped ginger
  • mashed sweet potato (a bit less than last time, so I added a splash of water)
  • ‘fun stuff’ (cereal, seed & nut mix I got from Borough Market last week)

IMG_20130620_183447And back to the usual ‘omega sprinkle’ of seeds for the topping.

IMG_20130620_184324I gave it a full hour in the oven. The original recipe is 50mins, but it also says extra time won’t really harm rye bread, and I’m hoping there won’t be that stodgy layer there sometimes is.

IMG_20130620_202728Temperature was good (heading for 95c) so out it came.


The some cooling. Not as much as there should be, as I wanted a slice before bed! And yay! No stodgy line, and tastes great!


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