Work Biscuits

We all know taking baking goods into work has its advantages. For starters its a great way to experiment in the kitchen then offload the calories to some one else :)

This week I decided to make basic vanilla cookies and do them in a work them. As I work for Vivo, this means the letter V in green.


So we start with the main things we need:

  • Basic vanilla cookie dough
    • 1/3 of which has been coloured green (I’d have preferred greener, but I’d already overworked the dough to get it that green)
  • Green boiled sweets
  • V-shaped cutters
  • Beer can (for making a custom cutter!)
  • Pestle&mortar, non-stick rolling pin, flour shaker… etc etc

Small V

I rolled out the plain dough to about 3mm and cut out V shapes.

Pre Crush

The green sweets fo into the pestle&mortar…

Post CrushAnd you end up with a sticky green sugar. It gets clumpy pretty quickly and I needed to make two batches for the two trays fo cookies. Maybe I should look into buying, or making, coloured sugar…?


I pinch the sugar in, then use the yellow plastic thing to push into the shape, then brush off any excess sugar.


And after over an hour… they’re all done. There must be a better way to do this!

Stai Glass Close

After 12mins at in the oven at 160c fan (180c regular) the green sugar has melted and I have cool stain glassed window Vs in my cookies. Yay!

Self made

Now we’re onto the ‘inserts’. I made a V-shaped cookie cutter by cutting up the Stella can (other beers are available), and moulding it around the keyring work gave me. I cut out the V shaped from the middle of the round plain dough, and placed the green cuttings in there, using some whisked egg to help it stick.

Inner V Close

After another 12mins at 160c fan, they’re cooked!

V close

With the left over green dough I just did some basic large V-shaped cookies.

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