Another Paul Hollywood bread tonight: pizza.

Flat Dough

The basic pizza dough got a little over risen, and you can see it’s a bit deflated. I probably shouldn’t try and do so much cooking in one day…

Flat BreadI tried the spinning/throwing stuff: no good. Wasn’t that hard, but it didn’t help. Rolling out the dough got it thin enough. The issue was keeping the edges thing, and not making too thing so holes appear

Tomato Sauce

We didn’t have time to make a proper sauce, so it’s just passata.

Slide it on

On goes mozzarella, figs, basil and prosciutto ham, black pepper then into the hottest oven we could get, on the pizza stone, for 10mins.

Slice it offIMG_20130506_192011

And yeah, just 10 minutes and it’s cooked!

Eat PizzqCut with pizza wheel, add grated parmesan, and eat!

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