Quorn Chicken & Mushroom Pie

The good lady health charity manager her indoors could only get a late hair appointment today, so isn’t around to make dinner as she normally would on a Friday, so it falls to me to have something on the table when she gets home, so she can eat and head right out again.

A quick recce of what food is lying around needing to be used up includes m

ushrooms, carrots, celery, low-fat creme fraiche, Quorn chicken bits, Lo-Dough, and potatoes. So clearly a chicken pie & wedges is clearly in order!

Unusually for me I’m doing this without a recipe, just making it up as I go along!

So after raiding the fridge, and chopping stuff up, I’m basically mise en place.


The Quorn fillets get quickly baked, while the other veg gets fried up.


Then in with almond milk, mustard, creme fraische, and some thyme from the garden.


Then turn it into a pie, with the Lo-Dough top already cut in half to make serving easier.


So potato wedges, covered in oil, seasoning, and some Piri-Piri & Chipotle chilli seasoning for good measure.


Those go into the oven for 30mins, then the pie joins them for another 15mins to heath through and crisp up the top.


Yeah still working on how to get the Lo-Dough to be a good pie top… neither soggy bottom nor crispy top :(


But hey, it tasted good!

One thought on “Quorn Chicken & Mushroom Pie

  1. Hi Russell

    I read your recipe for chicken Quorn and then I tried to leave a “comment” but the “comment” option didn’t work. No matter; I was only going to say it sounded good. I had to check-out Lo-Dough as I had never heard about it.

    Thanks for posting that.

    Love mum xxx

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