Lo-Dough Hoisin Duck Quiche

What is Lo-Dough you ask? Well it’s basically pretend bread that very low in calories. To be honest it’s very far from bread, but it does make for good low-cal pizza and quiche bases.


To encourage you to buy their product they have lots of recipes on their website, and this one for Hoisin Duck Quiche caught my eye, so I’m giving it a go today.

As there are two bits of “bread” per pack, I’m doing two quiches.


With eggs, low-fat crème fraîche, fresh coriander, springs onions, hoisin sauce and seasoning whisked together I proceed to fry up my duck.


After cooling (so I don’t start cooking the egg mixture) it’s mixed in, then into the dishes.

img_20190726_113611Then with minimal spillage (that’s what the trays are for!) it’s into a 160C fan oven for 30mins before I check if they’re done. When I’ve done these in the past I’ve found they look done after 30mins, but tend to be a bit watery, so I’m going to be err on the side of overdone this time and hope they don’t turn rubbery.

Heh not even close after 30mins: still liquid on top. Back in for at least 10mins… By which time it looks done…


But I’m still giving it another 5mins just to be on the safe side.

Now put on cooling racks and remember the glass one tends to slip around, and is hot!


I’m going to make some pickled cucumber strips to go with them. Or I will when I pop to the shops later for a cucumbers as I forgot to add it to the weekly delivery!

[time passes…]


Just sliced cucumber in white wine vinegar, soy sauce, and a little ginger powder.

Decided to eat with some of the chutney from last week. Hardly dented it – going to have to eat about 23 quiches (quichi?) to get through it all!


Still – all very nice!


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